How to Know You Are Playing online Ludo with a Boat

2023-01-18 15:54:53

Are you tired of trying to figure out whether you are playing Ludo online with real players or online Ludo game bots in India? Indeed, this is question arises to in his mind in all online classic Ludo board games lover. It can be disappointed to feel like you are not playing against real opponents, especially when you are trying to home your skills or win some cash from Ludo Game. Fortunately, there are some ways you can tell if you are playing against a bot or real player.

First of all, pay attention to the speed of play in online Ludo when you play Ludo online. Bots are typically developed by programmer to play at a much faster pace than a human player. If you notice that your opponents get more six when he rolls dice and get more high number comparison than you, then it’s possible that you are playing against a bot on a real money Ludo app or website in India. Speed of your opponents turn is faster than you it also matters. But, it’s important to note that few real players are also very fast at making their moves Goti, so this alone is not a final way to tell.

Another way to tell when you play Ludo against a bot is pay attention to the patterns of play. Bot or fake players always follow a specific set of rules and play according to those rules. It means that they are likely to mistakes or take risks in Indian Online Ludo. On other hands real players makes more mistakes and take risks, because they are not bound by a set of rules. If you are notice that your opponents are making seemingly perfect moves every time in online Ludo game, it could be a sign that you are playing against a bot on a Ludo app in India.

Another thing to watch for in Ludo is high winning rates. If you are playing against a bot, chances are it’s going to win more comparison than you in online Ludo. This is because bots are designed and developed by a developer and developed the win rate is high than human players in Ludo.

Therefore, what can you do if you think you are playing Ludo games online with a bot on Ludo app in India?  First of all, do not panic. It is feasible that you are simply playing against a very skilled or expert human players who just happens to very good at following the rules. If you are still not sure, try relate with your opponents outside of the game. If they do not seem to be able try to carry on a conversation, it is possible that you are playing against a bot.

In conclusion, there are some ways to tell if you are playing online Ludo cash games with a bot on through Ludo app in India. Pay attention to the speed of dice roll number, patterns of play, and win ratio in the online Ludo game especially classic board Ludo game. Nobody can give you a 100% guarantee or proof that your opponents are bot, but above points will help you in assuming that.