How to Win Ludo Online Game

2023-05-25 13:22:50

Ludo tricks and tips to always win the game

Today everyone has a question that how to win the online Ludo game always. Well, read on to know the answer. We have some tricks to play Ludo online so that you can win Ludo game app very easily. As you know that you would agree that parrying to our favourite gods did not work all the time, and we finally did resorts to some sort cheating. When we were play Ludo game in past few years, maybe slyly moving the tokens ahead when no one is watching or rolling the dice again because we did not get the needed number- all us have done this.   

You can do all in traditional Ludo game and given some edge over opponent but what about online Ludo? Are there tips & tricks here as well? Well, you cannot cheat in online Ludo but some Ludo tricks can help you play online better.

Some best tricks & tips to win online Ludo game

While winning every game of Ludo is not guaranteed, there are certain tricks and tips you can employ to increase your chances of winning. Here are some strategies you can try:

Here below are some best Ludo tricks and tips to always win online Ludo games in 2023:

Focus on getting all your tokens out: It's important to get all your tokens out of the starting area as quickly as possible. Prioritize moving your tokens towards the starting point and try to roll a six whenever possible to maximize your chances of getting a token out.

Create blockades: Once you have multiple tokens on the board, try to position them in a way that creates blockades for your opponents. Block their path by placing your tokens strategically, making it difficult for them to move or enter their home stretch.

Safeguard your tokens: As you progress through the game, be mindful of your opponent's moves and try to position your tokens in safe zones whenever possible. This reduces the chances of your tokens being knocked out by opponents.

Utilize safe spots: Take advantage of safe spots, especially the ones in your home stretch. Once your tokens enter your home stretch, they are safe from being knocked out by opponents. Use this to your advantage by moving tokens closer to home when possible.

Prioritize token movement: Instead of focusing on moving a single token, try to spread your moves across different tokens. This way, you have more flexibility and options for advancing your position on the board.

Observe opponents: Pay attention to your opponents' moves and strategize accordingly. If an opponent's token is about to land on one of your tokens, consider moving another token to block their path or make it more difficult for them to knock you out.

Balance offense and defense: While it's important to focus on advancing your own tokens, don't forget about defensive moves. Keep an eye on your opponents' tokens and take actions to prevent them from progressing.

Time your moves: Timing your moves strategically can be advantageous. Consider holding back a token in your home stretch to create an opportunity to knock out an opponent's token when they enter the final stretch.

Stay flexible: Adapt your strategy based on the situation. Ludo is a game of luck, and unexpected rolls can change the dynamics of the game. Be ready to adjust your plans accordingly.

Remember, Ludo is a game that involves luck, and there is always an element of unpredictability. While these strategies can improve your chances of winning, it's important to enjoy the game and have fun regardless of the outcome.