Know How to Earn Money in Ludo League Step-by-Step Guide

2021-06-28 12:25:24

Between the Covid-19 outbreak, people are forced to stay indoors game and are participating social distancing. Most of the people spend their time cooking, doing some pending work, playing games etc., when they are locked indoors. The most popular game which have garnered huge popularity is Ludo League. 

It is become everyone’s most popular game and people are playing this game both online and off-line as well as on their free time. Although, in order to win more games, we provide some tips and tricks which you keep in mind to earn more coins rapidly More coins help you win more coins.

How to Win Money in Ludo League?

  1. Play More Online Matches

 If you want to earn more money, then you should play more online games with high wet amount. Ludo League provides you the chance to play online games with real players or friends. So in order to maintain and increase your money in your wallet, you must play more games.

  1. Taking Risks

The most important think is taking risks while playing Ludo League it may help you earn coins. If you will play 2000 rs game, then you will get 3600 Rs. When you will play with two peg game with online users or challenge friends.

  1. Show your Kills & Utilize Time

Show your skills and utilize your time to think and then take the best move possible. Always follow the strategy think, after that move the goti. Best practice makes man perfect for win more money.

  1. 4. Open all your Goti, as soon as get to chance
  2. Kill the opponents are much as possible. It may increase the chance of your winning more money.
  3. capture the opponents Goti more often to increase your chance of winning.
  4. Sometimes take risks to overtake the opponents Goti. No winning in Ludo League without risks. After all it’s a game of skills and luck both.

Ludo League provide you chance to play online Ludo game with both friends or online real players. You can only play the game when you have coins. You can earn Money when you play and won the game. The more coins you spend on playing game, the more coins you get after win the games. The Ludo league has collect huge popularity in the lockdown period.