Learn Ludo Game & Be A Ludo Game Expert

2023-02-02 15:05:44

In India, Ludo game is one of the most liked board games. Ludo game is not just famous in India, also throughout Asia. It is most famous indoor games people play in free time are board games. As you know that one of the most played and exciting board games is ‘Ludo’. Along with snake & Ladder many of us have played this game at least once since our childhood, have not we. There are favorite memories attached to playing Ludo for many of us. 

Introduction & History of Ludo Game

It is not a difficult game to play as even children as young as 5 years old play it. But still, not everyone becomes a ‘Ludo Star’. If you play any online board games, then you will easily learn to play Ludo game and people began it around 6th century CE. This game has also found in great epic of Mahabharata and known as Chausar. Ludo game is now available on online mode for last few years. There are various gaming platforms that provide Ludo game services to become a Ludo expert. There are many Ludo app APK is available on google play store and on their website to download and then you can start playing the game and be an undebatable Ludo star online. 

Anyone Can Be a Ludo Expert

There is no age and gender limit in this game. Anyone from the age of 5 or above can play Ludo and become a Ludo expert. Ludo game is an awesome stressbuster and fun to play with your family and friends. You can also challenge online random users to become a Ludo expert. Download of a Ludo app should done by all for that. If anyone stills want to know how to play Ludo to become a good Ludo expert online or offline, then you are at the right place. After reading this article, you will be easily able to play the game of Ludo and also become a Ludo expert. Just need APK of any Ludo app on your smartphone is a must to play this game online.  Let’s us begin by knowing what is needed to play online Ludo.

How to Play Ludo Win Game?

Now let’s to discuss to the part where you will know how to play Ludo if you want to be a Ludo expert. Download of any Ludo app is not compulsory if you are choosing play it offline for learning. But if you should know that as you play and win in online Ludo, you get to win real cash prizes!  This is an awesome encouragement for you to become a Ludo expert online. Below is step wise guide for you to learn Ludo:

  • On your android smartphone, go to Google play store or website download the app.
  • If the game is installed, open it and signup and go to dashboard.
  • After the sign up process is complete, you will go to dashboard of the game app. Where you can choose the game type which you want to play.
  • If you want to play Ludo game free then choose play with computer.
  • If you want to play Ludo for real money, then choose cash Ludo game.
  • You will get a number automatically RNG.
  • Every move increases your score.
  • The game ends when all the moves are over.
  • The player with a higher score wins the game.
  • Capture the opponent's token for scoring extra points.


If you want to play Ludo game and to be a Ludo expert download the app of any Ludo platform and start playing. The trick here is to play and keep playing more games of Ludo to truly become a ludo online expert. There are more than lakhs of people play online Ludo game and become expert and win cash prizes also.