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2022-08-25 13:57:51

Ludo is one of the most popular games played in ancient history. The origin of Ludo game is near about 3300 BC in India. It is also called pachisi.  Now Ludo is available on every smartphone due to its high demand and nowadays you can play Ludo game online between 2-4 players with different locations. Online Ludo also permit you to play for coins/ tokens of even real cash.

What is Ludo Game?

There are many people know about Ludo game but some of the people ask a question what is Ludo game? Then we would tell them Ludo is a very simple and easy 2-4 player multiplayer board game, which is also available to be played online.  Every player has four goti and every player racing clockwise from start to finish based on the role of a dice.  

How to Play Ludo Online?

Now one question of every user come in mind how to play Ludo game online, then it is very simple if you have a smartphone and with internet in your device and with Ludo League applications you can play Ludo online. Nowadays every person has a smartphone and have internet on their device. 

How to Play Ludo Online and Earn Money?

There are many players ask a questions how to play Ludo online and earn money? It is very simple Now, you can play online Ludo game and earn money! here is how:

  • The users would need a register and download the Ludo League applications.
  • After signup, the user would have to buy coins into their Ludo League applications.  
  • Next choose the table which do you want to play like cash game for either Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100 and so on.
  • Then they can start playing the game.
  • When the players win the game, they will then receive their winning amount in their bank account or paytm wallet.

It is very simple right? You can now play online Ludo & earn money on the Ludo League easily.

Benefits of Online Ludo Game

You can play online Ludo game anywhere anytime when you got a free time.  With a stable internet connection, a some more advantages of online Ludo game are:

  • You can play online Ludo game when you are travelling
  • Quick cash games, allow you to earn quick money.
  • You can play 24*7 availability of players to play against.

Download the Ludo app Apk

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Best Online Ludo App

One of the best online Ludo apps and enjoy while earning money is the Ludo League. The reason behind it are given below: