Play India's No.1 Real Money Ludo Game

2021-08-02 13:26:14

When we discus about board games, there is one game that come to your mind at once.  One of them best is definitely Ludo. You can see many people around you play the game in the part time. There are many people play this game when do travelling in train. Ludo plays all over in India. It is big part of our every Indian’s childhood. That’s why there are many online Ludo provider company brought this game online.

What is Ludo League Like?

When you land on the dashboard of the game, you will see many options on the dashboard, on top of the left bonus coins and real coins’ button. And four options of the type players you want to play with like play online, play with friends etc. It also shows the right side for 2 Peg player option. In bottom of the side you can see some buttons like Redeem, Refer, profile etc.

When you choose your type of players, you are taken to match. The game is very fast. You can also challenge online real payers. When you click play online button then it asks for entry fee which you want to play (means which type of amount you want to play like 50, 100 0r 200 or more) then it search real players after search the players you can play with real players.

Play your skill-base Ludo game & win upt0 10 Thousands in Cash Prizes. Download the app and get up to Rs50 bonus.  Download India #1 Ludo app to win Lakhs.

So What are the Rewards?

Ludo League game of course it gives winning amount on his paytm wallet or bank account. When you selsct entry amount Rs 50 then winning amount you get is Rs.90. With Ludo League, 10000 lucky people win paytm cash daily! Yes, that could be you, Daily.

Sometimes, you need to get some entertainment due to some complexities of real life that’s why some people play simple game like Ludo League call on to the masses.  It is a great way to full fill your free time like when you travelling and also get win some paytm cash money. Ludo league is not just a simple Ludo game buy using their skills you can earn real money.  Ludo League is first-ever real money Ludo game.


So who is ready to play Ludo League game. If you are interested to play Ludo game and earn some money then download the  game from here: https://ludoleague.in.