Play online Ludo Games and Earn Pocket Money

2022-09-21 16:41:49

Thinking about how to earn pocket money while you are a student? If you will earn money while studying in college will give you financial independence. You can use these monies for other things such as purchase some clothes and many more other things. I know you cannot help your family but there are many other benefits of making money including, getting to know the value of hard-earned money and learning crucial lessons about time management.

Now you will have arisen a question in mind! How to earn money while am I studying it is very simple, do you like playing games? Most of the person play games, you can get opportunity to play online Ludo game and earn money while relaxing your mind, if you have ever think then it is yes you have heard right.

As a you know that there is huge list of online Ludo games on internet, how do you choose which online Ludo game to play? Out of these most of the online Ludo game allow you to play with real money, and thus, you have to pay attention to its gameplay and rules, if you want to win real Ludo cash! Ludo League is the powerful earning Ludo earing app, that brings to you three variations of online Ludo games. So if you have ability to select which variation suits you best to increase your chances of winning the game.

Play real money game like Ludo, carrom and more with lakhs of players of online. Show your skill, and win real cash. Withdrawal your winning money instantly using, UPI, paytm wallet, or bank transfer.

Ludo is a skill base game in this game outcome is determined mainly by physical or mental skill rather chance. Ludo is strategy board game where the players needs to play strategically to win the game.

Ludo is obviously the most popular dice game, played all over in India with different rules.

What is the rules of online Ludo Games?

As a Ludo lover you must know the rules of online Ludo game. All online Ludo games have different rules like some online Ludo game opens pawns on when dice roll and get 6 then start the game. Some Ludo game provider not provide such types of rules. The game start without rolling a 6.  Some online Ludo provides points and other not provides. Some game provider provides 2 peg players and 4 peg players options. Extra turn for cutting opponent pawns. Most of the game providers offer basic rules which is shown on all Ludo game which we have all played in childhood. There are few basic rules are given below which is very common in all Ludo game are:

  1. Rule for the number of players.
  2. Rule for pawns movement
  3. Rule to release the pawns
  4. Rule to eliminate opponent pawns

FAQs on Online Ludo Games

How do you play Ludo online?

Most of the players ask a question in mind how to play online Ludo game? Just download the app from play store or official website, install it and signup for your smartphone, and got to dashboard and select the variation of Ludo game and play.

Which Ludo app give real money?

Ludo League is one of the best money earning app that offers different variation of Ludo game like play VIP Ludo game, play tournaments play one 1 one.

Can We play Online Ludo Games and Earn money?

Definitely Yes. You can play online Ludo and win cash. Ludo League is one of them one-line earning app that offer you to play Ludo online and win money. Some are most popular online Ludo earning app like Zupee, Gamezy, Ludo Empire etc.   

How to Withdraw wining cash?

You can withdrawal your winning amount anytime by click on redeem cash button.  Cash can be withdrawal only if your account is verified. There is no limit on withdraw amount but some of the online Ludo game limit the withdraw amount like Rs.50, or Rs.200. only winning amount can be withdrawal.