Take a Look on The History of Ludo Game

2021-07-27 14:09:49

The history of Ludo game is very ancient. Pachisi was created in India in 6th century. The original version is also described in Indian epic Mahabharata in which Shakuni uses the accursed dice to beat the Pandavas and at last after losing everything, Yudhishthira puts his wife Draupadi on betting and loses her too. It is also known as chaupar in ancient times. It was also played by the Mughal emperors of India; such as Akbar. In year of 1896 in England patented as Ludo. The Royal Navy took Ludo and convert into the board game.

So How old is Ludo

In the theory, Ludo cannot older than 15th century. It is derived from Indian game Pachisi. The game and its variants are popular in many countries and under various names.   

Lists of Different Variants in all over the World

Ludo exists under different names, brand and multiple game origination.

  • Uckers, British
  • Pachisi, Indian
  • Fia, Swedish
  • Eile mit Weile, Swiss

The game play is almost same in all over in India, but you can find some different game play in world.

Probably it has Indian origin

Ludo, as everybody knows, it is dice board game play with two or four players. It is most popular board game in India. It is cross and circle board game that originated in ancient India. It is described in Mahabharata as the name of Pasha. This game was derived from the Hindi word paccis, meaning “twenty-five”.


Ludo is a game for two, three, or four players. Four players often play in two teams. One team has yellow and blue pieces, the other team has red and green. The team which moves all its token to the finish circle first, wins the game.

In new era you can play ludo online by smart phone. Now time is change toady is the day of internet. Most of the Indian people have a smart-phone and with strong internet connection and plays many online games and do many other works from their smartphone, it has changed our life style.

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