What are Casual Games

2023-01-03 15:36:12

The part time games have become extremely popular now. When with the involvement of real money casual games, the fun has double and players can earn as playing their favorite games on mobiles. 

In this article we will see some of the most famous casual games that are full of fun, earn money and also engaging. Most of the casual games are multiplayer games, and some are single-player games that can play and enjoy with family and friends.

What are Casual Games?

Casual games are simple and special games designed for everyone, it does not depend what is your age and gender. It is designed for all age and all gender. These games target the audience which is the game lovers. As well, there is no requirement for specific skill to play these games. They are simple, and straightforward to play. Ludo, Carrom, Snake & Ladder, 8 ball, etc. include in casual games. These games can be played while get free time when sitting at home through online mode, and also you can play these games when get free time.

Top Popular Online Casual Games

Here below we will see some popular online casual games which is now available on google play store and on their website where users can download the app and play their favorite real money games and earn money by winning. The popular casual games are:

  1. Ludo
  2. Carrom
  3. 8-Ball Pool
  4. Snakes and Ladders


Ludo is one of the most popular casual games among people of all ages. This game is completely engaging simple and easy to understand. It is multiplayer games and single player games. If you want to play this game online, one must download a Ludo playing app or sign up on a gaming website that offers Ludo games. After download and install the app in your device players have to participate in the contest and match will be fixed with opponent. Player should be very careful while playing Ludo games for real cash. If players forget to roll their dice thrice, they will lose the game.


Carrom is one of the most popular classic multiplayer games. The online carrom game is same as the off-line carrom game. It is also a multiplayer game. If you want to also play this game download the game app from google play store or their website. It is very simple and easy online game. Carrom is now available for play real money and win real cash.

8-Ball Pool

This game has also become very famous among players to earn money online in the past some years. The aim of an 8 ball pool game is to pocket all the balls in the selected pockets before the opponents. It is an exciting and interesting game to play online.

Snake and Ladders

It is one of the best and interesting Indian games that can be enjoyed by everyone. Most of the Indian play this game in childhood. It is very simple and easy game. In this game, players move up or down the board based on the dice number. The aims of the snake and ladders game is to reach the last square and whichever player reached it first, before the opponent wins the game.


These are the top most popular casual games that players can play and enjoy their free time and can ultimately make money by playing these games.