What is Good Qualities of Ludo Game Player

2022-09-16 15:37:59

As you know that when it comes to board games, there is nothing more popular than Ludo in India. It is most favourite because of how exciting and engaging the Ludo game. It is played of all ages in India and is commonly played as a fun at home during free time. Traditionally, the four token is most played form of this game in most of the country. Even there are different variants of this game is played in all over in India.

Qualities of Ludo Game Player

As you know that in every game practice makes perfect. This applies to the game of online Ludo as well. You cannot be an expert Ludo player overnight, it takes a lot of practice and dedication to become the best Ludo game player. You need to take some time for developing Ludo skills and therefore it needs a lot of attention and practice. It is very crucial to have skills in any aspect of life the same goes for online Ludo. You will need to understand few personality traits of being a Ludo expert.

You know that a new Ludo player cannot at once become a Ludo expert. In online Ludo games, strategies of playing Ludo keep changing, patience is required and also lot of concentration is needed to what pawns your opponent hold for defeated you. You also understand mind your opponent what he done. An expert Ludo player will also know what the final pawns move and when move the time is define.

Characteristics of Expert Ludo Game Player:

The best qualities of an expert Ludo game player are:

  • Open all your pawns
  • Never race a single pawn
  • Capture the opponent’s pawns
  • Block the opponent’s pawns
  • Keep your pawns at a safe place
  • Decide your game play
  • Make patience

Open all Your Pawns

An expert Ludo game player always open all pawns when it gets six.  Because we have not control on dice. Suppose you need a six for cut your opponents pawns but in this time if your pawns are not open then how will you cut your opponents pawns.

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Never Race a Single Pawn

A good Ludo game player never race a single pawn. An expert player always moves all pawns simultaneously rather than move single pawn

Capture the Opponent’s Pawns

An expert Ludo game player always try to capture opponent’s pawns. It is not good to open your all pawns in Ludo game, it is also mandatory to capture the opponent’s pawns also, it is the best tricks in Ludo game.

Block the opponent’s pawns

If you are enable to capture your opponent’s pawns, another trick is block them, it means your opponents can not move his pawns due to your pawns on the safe place.

Keep your pawns at a safe place

Always try to keep your all pawns at safe place. There are many safe places are present in dashboard. This the best techniques to defeated your opponents.

Decide your game play

As you know that every expert Ludo player have their own techniques.  Some players like to win game without cut opponents pawns. While some are more aggressive. You need to decide what is your gameplay before starting the game. It is totally depending upon you how to play your game.

Make patience

When a Ludo game player play game they lose their concentration and take wrong decision which is good for your opponent. A good Ludo game player does not lose patience. Patience is the key of winning.