Which Strategy Games is Most Played by Indian and Missing in your Device

2022-09-05 17:44:31

Today most of the people ask and have a doubt in mind which is the best strategy game played by most of the Indians, you may receive thousands of answers with different game due to different people and different type of point of view. As you know that there are huge numbers of strategy games are available on different platforms for different device on google play store or iOS app store. Choose the best one can get tricky. But most of the people think that strategy games suited for PC or some of the strategy games that you can play on your smartphone device and other consoles as well.

What Is Strategy Game?

In shorts, those games that involve planning and skillful thinking to achieve the objective is known as Strategy games. They are often turn based, real-time or combination of both it also included tactics like direction action, diplomacy and many more. Most of the strategy games are also adventures games due to character and action involved.

We have given below some of the most popular and most famous Strategy games that played in India are given below. It includes free-to play games, free games and some some paid games which most of the Indian player played in this time due to huge demand of strategy game in India.

  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Carom
  • Rummy


Chess is most important and famous strategy game in India. Most of the people play online chess due to not get a free time with friends. There are many online gaming company provides online chess game that is similar to real-world chess. You can also play chess online and win real money for free in the game by using your game skills. The winning amount is directly transferred to your account or game wallet.  There are many level and type of online chess game available in play store. Some of the most famous online chess is like Big Time Chess it is most popular online chess game. This game is available for both android and web. It is not available for iOS.


Ludo is strategy board game which is most popular and famous among strategy games. It is very simple and easy game you can play anywhere anytime with your friend or family when you got a time. It is very old game and most of the Indian players play this game in childhood. Now this game is also available on online and it is very popular online game in India. It is skill full and strategy base game. There are many online game provider company provides online Ludo game for free and also for play real money. Just download the online Ludo game from google play store or their website and download and install the Ludo game and play for free or earn real money also. Some of the most popular online real cash ludo such as Ludo League, Ludo Fantasy, Ludo Empire and Ludo MPL etc.


Carrom is also a strategy board game which is played all over in India. It is very simple and easy game. Carom is classic board game. This game lets you compete against other player in online matches. Carrom game is originated in India. Today there are multiples apps available to play carrom on. You can download the such type of game app from google play store and play the game.


Rummy is most popular online strategy game in India.  Most of the people play rummy game online on smartphone and play most exciting and challenging skilful game online. In online rummy games offers different variants of rummy such as Deals rummy, Point Rummy and Pool Rummy. You can also join cash games and cash tournaments to win Money. You can also play free rummy games.