Why Indian People Love Online Real Money Ludo Game So Much

2021-04-08 12:09:14


Have you ever thought about why Indian people are so love in playing online real money Ludo game? Is Ludo game one of the simple and easy online real money game in India? Are there some other social factors responsible behind it? Or Indian people just do it for entertainment and fun? According to recent research, around 40% Indian people play online Ludo game.

History of Real Money Ludo Game in India

There are no facts behind when online real money Ludo game started in India but Indian men always wanted to play online Ludo game. Ludo game is one of the most famous board games in India, requires a lot of Ludo skills, and nowadays can be played online. This game is quite similar to the game of Parcheesi, which is originated in India around the 6th Centaury AD. In 2018, the first online real money Ludo was established. This real money online Ludo game allowed to players to play online.

All this led to the establishment of different types of other online Ludo games which are offering players superiors convenience to online Ludo game. We can play online Ludo games from their home, office, or anywhere else. And online Ludo game has become legal in various states in India due to skill-based game. Thus there are many online Ludo game apps available in market.

Reason Behind Playing Online Ludo Gaming Being Attractive

There are many social factors responsible for Indian people getting interested to play online real money Ludo game. No wonder, huge winning, simple payment options and very simple user friendly game.

Goal Setting and Patience

Winning requires patience and strategy. However, learning these concepts and aspects take a long time. When you play Ludo with your kids, you can help them understand the value of goal setting and patience in a stress-free environment. Not just kids, teens, and adults can also learn these life lessons through this fun board game.

Strengthens Relationships

Any game that you play needs a group of two to four people. Be it Ludo or Carom; each table game requires coordination and collaboration. Ludo is a pleasant method to invest quality energy with your family and fortify connections.


When you play Ludo game you feel happy with your kids.

Mental Health

Ludo can also help kids reduce stress and bring a smile to their face. It can also help adults alike in regulating stress. The release of endorphins further helps in regulating blood flow, which reduces blood pressure.


Last but not least, money is a big reason. Every player feels the drive to make huge money with little effort. Also, this can lead to easy addiction, especially for the players who have never won or have lost terribly.


Indian people have immense love for playing online Ludo game which is not going anywhere any time soon. However, it is always better to play online Ludo game safely by reading the necessary terms and conditions. And to ensure the highest levels of safety and security while playing at online real money Ludo game in India.