Why Ludo Emerge as the Most Popular Dice Game During Lockdown

2021-12-03 12:56:02

At its top, the total number of daily active users on Ludo League was 50000 Thousand, Says maker Lalit Kumar

It seems that Everybody is playing this game. From actors, politicians and producers to common people or even members of your family, your boss was also playing Ludo when Lockdown was there. We are talking about the game which was most popular in Lockdown when Lockdown was held on 25 March 2021. Since then the game which was played the most in India is named Ludo League. No one could know why people played Ludo a lot, some people were saying that it was the game of people's childhood. So some people were saying that it can be very easy and play with family. Popularity was seen in the game of Ludo game during the time of Lockdown.

At the time of Lockdown, there were many Ludo games on the Google Play Store, but the most downloaded Ludo game among them was Ludo King. And the second Ludo game which was not even on Google's play store, still many people downloaded it was Ludo League. To download this game, one has to go to its website. If I had seen any people playing Ludo game at that time, they used to play Ludo League only.

This game was created by Social Currency Company in 2019 which is located in New Delhi. This game has 5 lakh users. This game is the first Ludo game in India to become so popular in very few years.

Our developer Lalit Kumar says that before Lockdown, there were very few active users (who used to play the game daily). After Lockdown, users downloaded more than 2lakhs in month of April, only in the month of April.  After Lockdown, in May, we touched 5 million users. There are many users play this game 3 to 5 hours in a day. Most of the users are Indian of Ludo League, this game is just made for Android users only, the company is going to launch its desktop and iPhone versions soon. You can play this game with your family, friends or random users. Users can play 2 peg game or 4 peg game.

Delhi based game developer student Subodh Kumar also started playing Ludo again during the lockdown, once or twice a week with family and friends. It is very simple and interesting game and also skill based game.  It is most popular dice game.

Where Can you play the Online Ludo Game?

There are many online Ludo apps available on google play store and website for both android and iPhone. The most popular and recognized online Ludo game is Ludo League, Ludo Fantasy, Ludo King etc.

Ludo League game is one of the fastest growing gaming platforms offering excellent opportunities for gamers to play and win big cash prizes.   So if you want to play online Ludo game and earn some money then play Ludo league game and win more cash prizes during period of lockdown.